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C'est La Vie lyrics


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     C'est La Vie
    >> Shania Twain
        Must be Monday
    What A Dumb Day
    Can't Drag my Butt outta bed
    Somebody stop me
    I need another coffee
    Like a whole in my head

    When everyday begins this way
    Gets ya down and can drive ya mad
    The daily grind can freak your mind
    but life isn't all that bad

    Don't Let it get to you
    C'est La Vie
    That's Life and that's how it's gonna be
    C'est La Vie
    Hold tight it comes right eventully

    If only I could sleep in
    Wake up on the weekend
    Oh what a dream that would be, ya
    Fat chance for that one
    aint gonna happen
    Better get back
    to reality--

    I can be a slob or keep my job
    That is the choice we have
    The daily grind can freak your mind
    But life isn't all that bad


    Everybody's got to do it
    Everybody's got to earn their way
    Oh--, come on now
    Ya gotta work your own way through it
    Everybody's got their dues to pay
    a hey hey, ya-----------------

    Oh, the daily grind can freak your mind
    but life isn't all that bad


    C'est La Vie!
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